A Coincidence

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Life is full of coincidences. You look around a class room and see just another girl, except that this girl will end up being your wife, mother of your children and your life, what if you hadn’t looked around? What if you hadn’t kept in contact with that friend who happened to see her again after high school and put you back in contact with her? What if you hadn’t asked her out then?

The detective in the book suddenly remembers that an association in a witness’ mind of a name she wants to protect refers to a store that closed and he, the detective, coincidentally knew about. And that breaks the case! What if he hadn’t seen the store? Remembered it? What if the detective were less attentive?

A woman from a randomly picked family answers a knock and some people are standing at the door holding a bag of presents for the children. The despair the parents’ were feeling is vanished and a family’s Christmas is saved by a simple act of generosity. What if the presents had not arrived that day? What if the family hadn’t been home at the time the presents were delivered?

Life is full of little coincidences, some call it luck, others just coincidence and others still, destiny. It is only when we look back that we can see the connections, the series of strange events that take us down a path in life.

Coincidences are a touch of the divine, call it luck, God, destiny, karma, or randomness. We are the result of many tiny coincidences. From the moment we are conceived to our last breath we are bound by things we can’t and definitively don’t control. We influence our life and what happens in it by noticing those coincidences and taking action is what sets us apart.

Many entrepreneurs owe their accomplishments to a series of fortunate events, but it was their will to turn each coincidence into an opportunity that created their success. Life may be telling you it is time to start your business, if so, take those coincidences and turn them into a real opportunity! Success is for the bold.