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The Empowered Web Design Process

Step 1: Plan. The process begins with the planning phase, where we start by learning about your business and customers through design power sessions, web analytics and industry research. At this stage, we design a sitemap which is used as a guide for the information and content.

Step 2: Design. Then, with the sitemap and accumulated insights in hand, our team goes into the design phase, where we create a wireframe/layout and plan the design elements. This is where the visual layout of the website starts taking shape. Once we have the layout, a concept design is prepared.

Step 3: Build. After the design is finalized, it is time for the build phase. This is where coding happens. The system is prepared to receive the templates and a theme for your website is constructed as well as each function and feature is tested.

Step 4: Deploy. Once all coding is finished and all features tested, the website is deployed. In this phase the website is launched. Training and our popular worry-free support are included.

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From the very first meeting to discuss the project, I felt that [they] were engaged and had my satisfaction as their first priority. The follow up and support, the project level options provided to meet my budget and the experience they provide have met and exceeded all my expectations.

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As a SearchEngineOp client, you will get a full-service web design solution for results that empower you and your business. From planning, design and coding to launch and training. You get a full website solution that reflects your brand and is ready for business success.

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