Guides and Tutorials

This section of our website is created for the benefit of our clients. The guides and tutorials contained here are designed to be general purpose and to solve common problems. It is open to the public as it can actually be of help to the general public given the general style of these guides. Feel free to share and to contact us if you have any questions about any of these tutorials.

These guides are provided as a courtesy to our clients and while we love to help with any issues, providing support for third party apps (like Apple Mail or Outlook) is beyond the scope of service for our team. If for any reason you still face difficulties with setting up your email, we encourage you to contact the appropriate support from the application developer.

Setting up your email in Outlook 365 - 2016

Setting up your email with IMAP and SSL on Outlook

Setting up your email on a Mac using the Mail App

Setting up your email on iPhone, Ipad and/or Ipod