Need a second opinion about the quality of your website?

You’ve work hard to have a good looking website that represents your business. However, there are no clients calling, or very little. Worse even, you don’t know if your website is open to attack and may be hacked at any minute. At this point, you need someone to tell you what should be improved AND how. You need an impartial third party to analyze and review the website to make sure there isn't something wrong affecting your business. Most importantly, you want to know... is your website good?

Get a full Website Review of your site’s Security, SEO, Usability & Conversion

Many times, people ask for this review simply to verify their developer's work. Our independent review helps our clients figure out if something is missing or verify the quality of the work received. Our full report includes all the technical and non-technical explanations so that you can properly audit your designer/developer's work and make sure everything is done right.

Why order a Website Review?

Our website review looks for the bugs in your current website system. It reveals dangers and weaknesses along with strategies you never knew existed – ones that make your rankings and your online sales fly. We’ll take a deep look at your website’s code & performance, your website design & content structure, your basic SEO practices, your tagging and linking strategies, and more.

These are some of the things you will get from your Website Review:

✔ A list of weaknesses and vulnerabilities that make your site open to hacking.
✔ Observations on how to improve your site’s HTML code.
✔ Recommendations about your website’s structure and design.
✔ Optimization strategies to increase your SEO traffic and website rankings.
✔ Tips to convert visitors into prospects or buyers.
✔ Clear steps to make your website secure and safe.

The review process

If you are near Guelph, we first meet, discuss your business and website and take it from there. If you are farther away, we can do our meeting online.

Ready, set… get your Website Review!

Start by getting in touch with us and ask for your review: Contact Us.