Distribution business website design

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A distribution company is based in Guelph, Ontario. This company had grown exponentially in the last two years and was now ready to go national. Of course, they needed an image to go with the big step. They also wanted a new website system that could grow with them. That is why they hired SearchEngineOp to get their distribution website design and development.

A Distribution Website Design for a National Distribution Company

The distribution company had been looking to get a new online presence that would allow them to continue growing and promoting their products and engineering services. They also wanted to grow nationally and internationally with the right image. Of course, the SearchEngineOp team met up with them and came up with a base website that can grow as their business grows.

The distribution company needed a website that eventually was able to handle a full ecommerce solution, that could be easily managed and updated and more importantly, that wasn’t trapped to a one developer and gave them the freedom to manage and operate the online arm of their business.

They also wanted to showcase their products and the brands they distribute, along with a blog and the ability to add videos, images and downloadable documents for their customers to use as needed.

This distribution website design is clean, efficient and provides the information needed within one click from anywhere in the site. Ease of use, user-friendliness and search engine optimization ready were also on the list and were provided.

One special element is the full background banner for the home page. The distribution company wanted a design element to capture visitors attention and to have a visual representation of the products they sell, while getting away from the traditional hompage banner on the top, so we designed a website for this distribution with a full background banner that rotates product images that can be easily changed anytime and that adapts to the screen regardless of its size.