Spa website for Caring Touch

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Caring Touch Spa, a health and beauty clinic, has been around for over 10 years, serving the Guelph community and the most discerning clientele in the region. Ana and Maddy are a dream team that works diligently to bring out each client’s beauty, while giving them a time to relax and get spoiled. So they needed a spa web design that reflected their style.

They had a website that was not working well and needed a face-lift. They also needed a basic booking system to receive booking requests online that would allow them to approve or reject the times specified as well as start selling their popular myCare Gift Cards.

Caring Touch is also an exclusive distributor of specialty products that cater to the most delicate skin care needs. It was part of the project to have a platform to promote those exclusive products as well.

They reached out to SearchEnigneOp to get a new website design Guelph and after meeting a couple of times a course of action was decided. Working at neck breaking speeds, the team developed a professional yet soothing web presence for this Guelph special duo.

The result is a website that enhances Caring Touch’s online presence, promotes their services and helps with a more efficient business process. A website that ranks well even without any SEO (with the exception of the well planned content and code!) and has increased their business sales dramatically. They went from having very little appointments to getting a new client every week and at least 60% of their clients book their appointments using the website.