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Business happens on Page One

Because Google is the biggest search engine, your business needs to be on first page. The data tells the story:

  • Businesses on the first page of search results get up to 70% of Google’s search traffic
  • 56% of all the traffic goes to the businesses ranking on the top 3
  • Organic search results gained with SEO are 8.5 times more likely to be clicked on than paid ads

To get on the first page of Google is to exist to your customers. It is costly not to be there – especially when your competitors are.

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What can you expect from our SEO Guelph services?

There is no question about how important your rankings are. Millions of searches are performed every day locally and around the globe to find services and products and about 90% of people click the links on the first page without even looking into page 2. Is your business on that first page? What about your competitors?

That is our target; to get you to the first page and as high in ranking as possible. We are a true SEO Guelph firm and our services are based on years of experience, quantifiable research and proven results. We keep on top of every algorithm update and test our strategies constantly to ensure safer, durable and business changing results.

Safe, reliable, long-lasting results

We only use clean, user-focused SEO strategies that work even after frequent major search engine updates. We combine on-site optimization with off-site promotion to give our customers a solid foundation that proves effective and valuable over time. We have a track record of stable optimization results which remain even during the largest and most complicated Google updates.

A unified, coherent digital strategy

We will provide you with a comprehensive schedule clearly outlining our plans for your SEO campaign. It includes all planned activities and goals, as well as priorities, deliverables and clear time-frames. Along with our strategy, we will tie in adequate bench-marking so that you can always go back and compare to previous results and clearly differentiate success as it builds.

Insightful keyword research

Keyword research is the key to a successful SEO campaign. At SearchEngineOp, we take into consideration the estimated search volume, competitiveness and intent of the most relevant keywords. The goal is to pick search terms that have a higher possibility of providing revenue and not just traffic.

Guidance for your website

Even the most optimized template or website usually have areas of improvement that affect the ranking factor of your website. We provide full technical SEO guidelines and also work with your developer to ensure you get the best possible performance from your website. If you don't have a developer, we can implement the improvements and make sure your site is in perfect shape for SEO.

Link Building

We perform a risk assessment on your existing links, to ensure you’re not already violating Google’s best practice guidelines and being unknowingly penalized. Next, we review your website’s current performance, this will serve as our benchmark. Then we create a link building strategy, and implement it. We do white hat SEO, this means only search engine optimization driven by quality content that safely builds ranking, traffic and profits. No more worrying every time Google updates its ranking algorithms.

Ongoing Care

No matter what SEO plan you choose, you get total and detailed ongoing care. We closely watch your progress and search space, to make sure all is going according to plan. This includes implementation of ongoing link building, SEO-friendly marketing, risk assessment and monitoring and detailed monthly reporting.