Keyword Research: Website design Guelph

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Keyword research is very important for your SEO. However, if you search for website design Guelph you will find many local web marketing firms. Why are they interested in that term? These firms have decided to promote their online marketing services by positioning themselves in what most people think when interested in taking their business online.

Why don’t they promote themselves as “digital marketing” or “internet marketing”? The answer is simple, they want to capture those clients who want to have a website and may not know much about web marketing. These people would probably search for things like “web design” and then add their city, like Guelph. That is not to say that there is no interest in digital marketing or web marketing, in fact, most of the businesses in first page for web design also rank for web marketing or online marketing. The intent is to rank for what most small to medium sized businesses are searching. It is a smart move to have a wide net, one that can catch more fish.

And this takes me to my point. A very common concept or service that people associate with online marketing (whether they know what online marketing is or not) is web design. Because of this, it makes sense for web developers, designers and marketers to promote their businesses in terms related to website design. In your business, there are probably many searches like that, you want to consider your main keyphrase, for instance “home renovations”, but what matters is that the phrase is being searched, that people are looking for your services with it. This is at the core of what SEOs call keyword research.

The question is… how much do you really know about how people really search for your services or products? Could there be other concepts or keyword phrases that you could take advantage of? Are there basic services in your business that people ask for more frequently?

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