Website prelaunch checklist

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All dots seem to be in place, all ‘t’s have been crossed and the website is ready to launch… or is it? With so many details to be taking care of before launching your new website, sometimes things fall through the cracks. This prelaunch checklist covers all the items you need to make sure are in place and avoid a launch disaster!

PRE- LAUNCH checklist


Check for incorrect punctuation marks, particularly apostrophes, quotation marks and hyphens/dashes
Writing style / tense
Recurring/common phrases (e.g. ‘More about X’ links)
Ensure no test content on site
For re-designs, ensure important old/existing URLs are redirected to relevant new URLs, if the URL scheme is changing


Check on common variations of browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome etc.), version (10, 11, 13.5 etc.) and platform (Windows, OSX, Linux)
Check on common variations of Screen Resolution
Test all forms (e.g. contact us, blog comments), including anti-spam features, response emails/text, etc.
Check all outgoing links are valid


Server load test
Check image optimization
Check total page size / download time


Check social media marketing setup (facebook/twitter/linkedin/etc share/follow buttons)
Verify SEO (meta-tags, XML sitemap, html sitemap, etc)
Check all functionality (forms, apps, builders, eCommerce cart, etc)
Set-up Google Analytics
Check for broken links and setup proper redirections
Setup a recurrent backup
HTML / CSS validation (0 to 20 errors range)

Download the website prelaunch checklist in PDF